DRUMCORPSE is a 2014 album by the Japanese scum band SHITS. For those who don’t know, scum is a sub-genre of grindcore. Scum follows grindcore’s punk origination and is not metal. Scum bands/musicians seem to have limited supplies like No.305 who uses a laptop and vocals and SHITS which is almost always just drums and vocals.

This release is hard, fast, and intense. Every song (which only last for a few seconds each) is an assault of drums with a guy screaming and yelling vocals over it. The lack of guitars and bass doesn’t make this release sound weak or lacking at all. The whole release sounds frantic and crazy. If you enjoy really hard punk music and/or power violence definitely check this out. Also my mom absolutely hates this band lol

Download and listen for free here (site not safe for work)


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