Ika Saumen Orchestra – Symphony

Ever wonder what symphonic house music would be like? Well here’s an album to hopefully cure your curiosity~

Symphony is a 1999 house album released by Ika Saumen Orchestra (better known as Toru S. and Magic Cucumbers) on his own label Philosomatik Records (which is a sublabel his other label Nohashi Records).

This release combines classical intruments and elements with house music creating what I called earlier, “symphonic house music.” Though I can’t fully say symphonic since the tracks still do have synths and electronic percussion, also some tracks have zero classical elements. This is very much an oldschool 90s house album, no drops and everything builds gradually (14 minute tracks of builds not 3 minutes of somehow perpetual dropping). This release is for people who enjoy old dance music, when people actually called things by their genre and not just “EDM”.

As stated prior this release as with all of his work has TONS of builds. Very repetitive with melodies, bass lines, and percussion gradually being added to and taken away from the track. The classical instruments sound really nice with the drum machines and electronic bass. Violas instead of more electronic synths, violin plucks instead of rave stabs, it all sounds different and nice.

This was released as a 2×12″ not a free download so no download link. Listen here~


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