Donovan Hikaru – Corporate Parasailing

Are your employees depressed, stressed, and going postal in the office killing half the team? Just play them Corporate Parasailing to motivate them to help lead the company to success! Costs only $Free.99 at your local online music retailer.

Corporate Parasailing is a corporate stock music album by Donovan Hikaru self-released in 2014. Yes, I said corporate stock music. Like the music you would hear while on hold or music that somehow motivates workers but would just be a distraction. He claims the compositions are original but since he’s part of the vaporwave scene take it with a grain of salt.

The tracks on this release or melodic and sound VERY much like stock music. The choices of synths or VSTs are like only used in stuff like this giving a very “corporate” sound. The percussion sounds very stocky, hard to explain but it just has that sound y’know? There’s also some calm saxophone in this release. Every track besides the motivational opener “Moving Forward In The Company” sounds like on hold music, but without all the agony of being on hold!

Listen for free and download here


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