thirtytwobit. – Super Saturated Dance Party 2010

Super Saturated Dance Party 2010 is a 2010 album by the mashcore musician, thirtytwobit., released on the label Chip’n’Damned Records.

This is a very fun mashcore album~! thirtytwobit has a unique glitchy somewhat noisy style. The percussion and samples constantly stutter and do snare rush style programming. Lots of gabber kicks accompany the distorted mostly pop music samples. The tracks constantly have glitchy sounds similar to Girl Talk’s Secret Diary but MUCH more danceable. thirtytwobit. also uses some slight chiptune elements in part of the tracks which is cool but rather subtle compared to other people like DJ Scotch Egg and Kitsune² who also combine chiptune with hard dance music. Many of the samples are recognizable whether you listen to pop music or not which just adds to the silliness and enjoyability of the album.

If you like high energy ADHD mashcore check this thing out~!
By the way for those not in the know mashcore is like massive mashups but with original percussion (gabber, speedcore, breakcore, jungle, etc.) added to it.

Download and listen for free here (not safe for work)


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