the cut tummy – Drug music freak

Drug music freak is a three track 2014 EP by the cut tummy released on the Japanese label mayoware record. And no, I didn’t typo the label name literally has no “s” at the end of record. This release is mostly experimental.

The EP starts with the piano driven shoegaze track “628”. Most of the track is a simple yet very pretty piano loop with some electronic percussion. Guitars and and other layers of melodies gradually fade in and build up and die down, rinse and repeat. It’s pretty awesome when it finally gets there, I just wish more of the song was like the shoegaze part and less build up. This track is very similar to the works of Ulrich Schnuass and B. Fleischmann.

The second track “FREAKS” is when the experimentalism begins. The cut tummy has given us a nice and beautiful experimental/ambient track. The distorted garbling and unintelligible vocals pair very nicely with the calm piano creating an awesome ambient track.

The third track “funy funy haha” is the most experimental track on the EP. The track is mostly weird modified talking and vocals. A guitar with distortion on it is played experimentally throughout the track while new “mildly harsher” vocals are brought in.

This is a very nice EP
Download and listen for free here


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