Oven Toast Jam – キカイの国 EP

キカイの国 EP is a 2014 release by Oven Toast Jam released on the label 煮印不良品レコーディングス (Niphlex Recordings). This EP is awesome and I believe Oven Toast Jam is rather underrated. This EP covers the genres IDM, drill n bass, instrumental hip-hop, and acid.

The EP starts with the instrumental hip-hop track キカイの国 that I’m 99.9% sure uses Nobukazu Takemura samples. I know I’m definitely hearing the Sign acapella in there with the pitch changed around and looped. The track sounds very pretty and has some real nice percussion going on. He definitely made good use of the samples he used for the melodies.

The rest of the EP changes to a mix of IDM, drill n bass, and acid. Some of the tracks remind me of the tracks Aphex Twin released as The Tuss. Awesome acid basslines accompanied by beats that are a cross between drill n bass and jungle. The melodies are very nice as well, and as usual in acid the bass is used as one of the main melody leads. Most of the tracks have a great variety of basslines and melodies but still keeps a consistent sound.

As I said earlier Oven Toast Jam is underrated. His music is very good~!

Listen and download for free here


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