FxAxUxOxFxSxVxLxOxIxVxPxMxOxLxFxDx – Fuck Your Band And Fuck Your Music Part 1

Fuck Your Band And Fuck Your Music Part 1 is a 2014 goregrind/noisegrind release by FxAxUxOxFxSxVxLxOxIxVxPxMxOxLxFxDx (full name is Fermented Anal Urine Of Fecal Splattere Vomit Larvae Of Infected Vaginal Pus Made Of Liquid Fetus Diarrhea but it always gets abbreviated) on his label Infected Toilet Records. This album is a collection of parodies of well known bands that sound nothing like and FAR MORE superior then the originals ever were.

Each track starts with a short sample from the original song then goes into an awesome goregrind assault. Almost every track is between 20 to 40 seconds long. The tracks are hard, fast, and aggressive. Speedy drums and noisy guitars accompanied by some very good vocals. The vocals sound like someone drowning in their own intestinal upchuck while constantly providing more stomach spew to suffer in. That probably sounds intimidating for grindcore virgins but trust me I mean it well. Also his logo is just plain badassery.

Download this amazing (and somehow funny) release for free here


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