Boogieidol – Radio Days(ジングル公募企画・投稿音源集etc..)

Radio Days(ジングル公募企画・投稿音源集etc..) is a self-released 2013 album by boogieidol. This release consists of 15 vaporwave tracks, the longest being 34 seconds.

This is an interesting album since the entire thing sounds like clips from Japanese television shows and commercial jingles. Fun little derpy tunes play for a few seconds with some Japanese chatter over it. The songs do not sound chopped and screwed but more collected and compiled. Some tracks have some editing going on with the vocals like panning, slicing, echoes, etc. I don’t know much about this dude so I don’t know if he composed the music or not. It’s hard to tell when you have other vaporwave artists like Donovan Hikaru who makes completely original stuff and Kobayashi Yamato who has the biggest gimmick/fake story within the genre. Either way this is an enjoyable and different album.

The release has since been deleted from his Bandcamp (along with a ton of others) so here is a download link (don’t worry it was released for free!)


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