90’s bambino – SH4WTY L4UR4 PALM3R

SH4WTY L4UR4 PALM3R is a self-released 2015 EP by the Brazilian lo-fi goth cloud rapper, 90’s bambino.

90’s bambino is one of the best rappers in this realm of rap music, and rap overall. He constantly strives to stay unique and not follow any of the conformity of “aesthetic” related genres. 90’s bambino is constantly improving with each release he puts out and this is the newest to come from him.

He did an awesome job on this release. His vocal style goes along with the awesome beats produced by a variety of producers, some even produced by himself. The lo-fi vocals blend into the dreamy melodies of the trap beats into what can be described as “melancholic atmospheric rap”. The entire album is downright beautiful and amazing. This release should not be treated like a meme, it deserves to be respected as art.

If you’re a fan of rap definitely check it out. If you dislike rap give this album a listen especially the track “HALF-HEART NECKLACE (HOLD ME ON, BITE MY LIP)” which is one of the best rap tracks I’ve ever heard, this has the potential to change your mind about rap. The track “WHERE THERE’S ALWAYS MUSIC IN THE AIR…” is borderline experimental, especially for a rap track.

Also some misc trivia, “JUPITER AND SATURN MEETS AT GHOSTWOODS (INTERLUDE)” was originally released as “III – ∆PSHYXI∆” on the original version of his EP “GRΔVΣWΔVΣ”.

Download and listen for free before he deletes it with some 2spooky majik here


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