Otto Von Schirach – Escalo Frio

Escalo Frio is a 2001 album by the eccentric Miami musician who probably came from Mars, Otto Von Schirach, on the label Schematic. This release is actually one of the reasons that drove me to create this blog. I saw that terrible nonsense site Pitchfork give this excellent album a 3.3. That’s insane.

Otto Von Schirach makes experimental and very fragmented and well bizarre IDM. This release is like IDM minus the “D”, most of the songs are far to abstract to be danceable, and that’s what’s good about it. Many of the songs use Schirach’s awesome ability to create and manipulate sounds, most of the songs use these sounds in place of typical percussion. The album is very abstract and one of the most experimental IDM albums I’ve heard. If there ever was a rave in a spooky swamp this is what they would be playing.

This album also contains elements of rap, but not too much to scare off you “anti-rap” folks. Some of the tracks like “Educating the sound barrier 2” and “Mr. Egyptian Hologram” both use this rap element the most, the latter almost being a normal rap song just adding to the weirdness of the overall album.

As a fuck you to Pitchfork this will be the only album I actually rate. I give this album a 10.

This was released as a CD so no download link. If you like it buy it, this album is pretty inexpensive.



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