M – twilight

Twilight is the debut EP of the Japanese female rapper M released on the J-rap label Idler Records in 2014. All of the beats have been produced by CHICK Jr. who also provides vocals on the final track.

The beats on this release are really awesome. Beautiful melodies with to my guess zero samples used (I’ve seen a pic of CHICK Jr. at a computer with a keyboard and a guitar). He is a master at beats and one of my favorite hip-hop producers. This is not a hard rap album but more what you would listen to while cruising around with your hypothetical homies on a nice warm day. Also melodic rap > hard rap.

M’s vocals are excellent. She has a great flow and a really good voice. Her rapping style reminds me of thug rap from the 90s. She sounds a lot like Lil Rudy Rul, just with generally better melodies thanks to CHICK Jr. M is a very good female MC and I hope to see much more releases from her in the future~!

My favorite tracks are 深呼吸 and twilight.

The download page seems to be broken on the site so download here


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