kyonpalm – CYBERIA

So what do all those kids in Club Cyberia in the anime Serial Experiments Lain listen to? The chopped and screwed disco hit CYBERIA of course~!

CYBERIA is a vaporwave album by kyonpalm released in 2014 on his label Channel Q Records. This album is the first of a three part series (the second being OMNISCIENCE and the third being LIMERENCE).

This is an awesome vaporwave album. The album ranges from almost future funk tracks using most likely 80s J-pop samples to real good genuine vaporwave tunes. The looping and processing he has done on this release is really good. He has made some very rhythmic tracks on this album. Many of the tracks are actually danceable which help carries the Club Cyberia theme. I have listened to TONS of vaporwave so it’s safe to say this release has a fresh sound. All fans of vaporwave and future funk should give this album a listen.

CYBERIA has been released on both cassette and CD-r along with a digital release. He is now trying to get this pressed on vinyl. But in order to do so he needs your help! He needs to reach a goal of 100 preorders for them to get pressed. Not many (if any) vaporwave albums have been brought to vinyl so check it out while it lasts.

Free download, cassettes, Cd-rs available here

Also check out his Bandcamp


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