olm – olm

Grindcore, a genre known for pushing everything to the extreme. One of these extremes are short track lengths usually between 10 – 20 seconds, causing some grief to the last.fm grindcore community.

olm (all lowercase) pushes this extreme to well, the extreme. Almost every track on the 55 track release being a second or under a second in length. The genre of this album is atmospheric goregrind/gorenoise, ok that may not be a real genre name but it sure as heck fits. Every track has a layer of reverb which replaces the guitars and bass you would normally hear on a grindcore release. The only two tracks that are longer then a few seconds are closer to a cross between dark ambient, experimental, and gorenoise. This is an experimental, unique, and very enjoyable goregrind album. Oh, also, olm is a side project created by the much more popular, Phyllomedusa.

Listen and download for free here


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