Child’s View – Funfair

Child’s View is an alias by the much more known, Nobukazu Takemura. Funfair is a 6 track album released on the American label Bubble Core Records in 1999.

Funfair is a mostly ambient album. Takemura, who’s no stranger to repetitive melodies and rhythms definitely uses that to his advantage on this release. Glitchy melodies loop and gradually evolve. Aki Tsuyuko (as usual) also provides her voice on the beautiful third track Pendulum. No lyrics, just cut up singing help building layers on top of the backbone of the song. The fourth track, Assi Que Dodo, is closer to Takemura’s jazz routes and sounds very similar to his album 10th. Very downtempo bass and laidback but serious sounding percussion accompanied by repeating vocals provided by Hirono Nishiyama. This album is for fans of repetitive music.

There are also two tracks on the release that have an entirely different sound and feel, one of them being one of my favorite tracks ever created. That track is Saburè, also known as Sablè from the 1998 Sablé & Grill E.P.. It’s a 9 minute jungle and drill n bass track with beautiful melodies. Very much a 90’s drill n bass track, similar to the classic album Lunatic Harness by my favorite artist µ-Ziq. Awesome melodies, nice breaks, switching between faster breaks and slower idm beats,and of course perfect progressions/builds throughout the song. I believe this track is an underrated classic that deserves to be next to Squarepusher, µ-Ziq, and Aphex Twin. There’s also a postrock cover included on this release, that being the second non-ambient track.

This release was released as a CD and not a free download so I will not post a download link. If you like it, buy it. You can listen to some tracks here~
(Please note there’s basically the same tracks on a 1998 album called Yoru No Yuenchi)


After Image

Assi Que Dodo


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