Air France ‎- GBG Belongs To Us

Air France are a no longer active synth-pop duo from Sweden. GBG Belongs To Us is a single released in 2009 on the label Everything Yours. For the sake of this review I’ll refer to this release/song as GBG from here on.

GBG shows Air France’s ability to make female vocals actually sound amazing in a house track. No cheesy lyrics or overly dramatic moments of the song. The vocals are done in the usual synth-pop style. Their music can be described as “post-rave”, it’s like the post-rock of EDM. Very much melody driven and not meant to be hard or have drops. Air France are a unique group for also using elements of tropical music and GBG has plenty of that. Lots of small intricate percussion using what sound to be island hand drums accompanying the fully electronic beats. This music sounds like summer and having fun at the beach.

Download for free here (the download has been inactive on the label site forever. Says “A Love Letter In Three Parts – Part II ” because that’s what the release was meant to be. Part one a picture, part two the song, part three a video. Says label is something in construction on because it was also released as a CDr on there.)


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