Predominate Cavewoman – Predominate Cavewoman

Predominate Cavewoman’s self titled release is 33 minutes of intense, skull bashing, noisegrind/gorenoise. Predominate Cavewoman is the brain child of probably the most perverted band ever, Omphalectoicxanthopsia. This release is unique in more ways than one. The theme is fresh and original, no “let’s sing about gore and rape so we’re tough!” bullshit going on here! The name Predominate Cavewoman very much carries into the sound. Loud, booming, percussion of varying tempos like a drum circle of BC dominatrixes punishing some bonehead. The vocals are muffled screaming, as if being held captive and tortured. Seriously the vocals on these thing are amazing. The guitars are heavy, loud, and full of power. There’s lots of noise but it’s not distorted to point of not being able to distinguish the guitars. My only complaint is that there’s not a single Flintstones sample.

Listen and download for free here, be warned the site is extremely not safe for work


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