Noise Jihad – Crimes Against Islam

Crimes Against Islam is a 2014 release by Noise Jihad on the pro-terrorism Russian label AZAWAD. Noise Jihad is known for lengthy almost always 20+ minute noise wall tracks. But this time he has given us something different then his usual fare. A collection of 68 tracks, most of which are under a minute in length.

The majority of the songs sound like reworkings of the audio of raw data. Arranged, processed, and distorted to really emphasize the glitchiness of the sounds. Often raw data albums can get boring because either every song sounds the same or there’s way to much static. Noise Jihad has cherry picked the best material to keep this album exciting and interesting. Lots of glitch and lots of noise.

If you enjoy glitched out, sporadic, experimental, noise then give it a listen.
Allah~choo! Allergies suck.

Download here


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