NǽnøĉÿbbŒrğ VbëřřĦōlökäävsŦ – (Supervoids)

In 2006 two scientists only known as Wavanova and Dark Dude met at a research center in Antarctica. While doing science stuff they discovered they each had the same taste in music. They loaded up a dog sled with bass guitars, amps, supplies, a generator, and a laptop. They rode to the exact South Pole to record some music and the rest is history!

Well if you buy any of that.

NǽnøĉÿbbŒrğ VbëřřĦōlökäävsŦ (pronounced Nanocyborg Uberholocaust) are a drone doom band that claims to come from Antartica. If you buy the story or not it’s hard to argue that they do some of the most atmospheric drone doom ever and (Supervoids) is the perfect example. This band puts Sunn O))) to shame at their own game. Guitars so extremely downtuned they just become rumbling. Notes that go on for 20+ seconds creating a dark almost alien atmosphere. So atmospheric people on Discogs labeled it as dark ambient and not doom metal + drone. (Supervoids) is the metal to not headbang to, but rather to lay in the dark and think about the universe and your existence to.

Crank up the air conditioning, turn off the lights, turn the music to maximum volume for maximum results, and chill. (lol get it)

Download here (don’t worry it was released for free but some downloads are broken on the site)


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